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Out-of-Home Brand Architects

We are an Out-of-Home media specialist centered on building strategy-led plans to deliver effective out-of-home media concepts. 


About Us

We are part of a larger communications group, People ‘n Rich Holdings.
As one of the first home-grown
communication agencies in this country, we have vast experience to tap into.
Our partnership with Hakuhodo Japan gives us access to a global network of 67 offices around the world.

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We are part of
People 'n Rich Holdings

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Full Service Agency

Exhibition and Roadshow Specialists

Media Specialist

Why Outdoor

Despite rapid change in the media landscape, outdoor advertising will always be relevant.

It’s more than just billboards

Outdoor advertising has tons of options


You can go as high tech as a digital screen or as direct as fridge handle advertising in convenience stores.

It's adaptable

Digital social media

Unlike other forms of advertising that require people to pick up a magazine, turn on the TV or actively participate,
out-of-home is ready and waiting to be seen.

Consistent Audience

Busy Street

With people taking the same route daily: commuting to work, school and home,
out - of - home offers higher viewing frequency which is needed to prompt action and recall.

Gives you frequency to propel action


Immense scope of creativity that can accompany it.

It can be creative

Capturing Art
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Our Approach

As a media specialist that believes in strategy-led plans, we don’t subscribe to the idea that one plan fits all. When offering solutions we look at the 3 pillars below as a guide when recommending a medium.


Meeting the objective of creating awareness for the brand. It helps brands build their Top of Mind Awareness.


For brands to engage with the consumers and have more access to highlight their benefits.


To encourage consumers to think about the product when they may not have. This is effective in capitalizing their impulses to fit the needs and moods of the consumer.

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Velocity Outdoor Asia




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Media We Represent Exclusively

Cool Ads Handle

This medium provides a platform for your brands to highlight their benefits directly. To entice shoppers to choose your brand over others in the fridge, where your product is placed. This medium is currently available in, a fast growing chain of convenience stores that are strategically located in high traffic areas like commuter stations, shopping malls and commercial areas.

Tow Boys

A very unique medium that is only available through us. Its brightly coloured, attention grabbing appearance is useful to create a stir on the streets. Tow Boys can be driven through the busiest shopping areas or the harder to reach residential districts. The Tow Boys can be used for:

​1. AWARENESS : As the TowBoys come with a 3-sided light box that can be seen from every angle, when used in a convoy (fleet of 3 cars) it can create impact and awareness for the brand. 

2. ENGAGEMENT : It is highly effective to be used in interacting with the public. Promoters can have face-to-face engagement through games, product sampling or information gathering. 

3. INVOLVEMENT : TowBoys can be used to promote brand conversation by getting the public to test products, sign up, collect vouchers and download applications on the spot.  


The Walkers are a portable, lighted display medium that has the legs to go the distance. As it is mobile enough enough to walk amongst the crowd, it is an effective way to target a specific audience and stimulate their interest in a fun way ay without being intrusive. Our Walkers can interact directly with the public, handing out leaflets and answering questions.

Kuching Carpark

Many brands are interested in building a presence in Kuching, a fast developing city. Out-of-home media was limited within the city until the introduction of the Kuching Car Park Booth Medium. In Kuching, open car park booths are a prominent infrastructure with high eyeball exposure. They are permanent fixtures that are integral in the daily lives of local people and situated in strategic locations all over Kuching. Now advertisers can leverage on this exposure to advertise their brands/products.

Drinks Dispenser

Getting people to sample our product is a proven way to get potential customers to consider it. A Drinks Dispenser enables this. It is mobile and can rove around to hit the target directly. It's easy to use and can dispense hot or cold beverages.

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Contact Us

If you're interested in a fresh approach to
Out-of-Home plans,
reach out to us here :-

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Velocity Outdoor Asia Sdn. Bhd.

No.10, 1st Floor, Plaza Damansara, Medan Setia 2,

Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.



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